Losing Your Hair / Perte de Cheveux (En/Fr)

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Losing Your Hair. In 2014, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as I shared it in other posts. A month after being diagnosed I started a treatment close to chemotherapy. I only got two injections, but a few months after stopping it I started losing my hair. It was caused by the treatment, but also […]

December 6, 2016

Fit Girl Christmas List

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Thanksgiving is over which means that it is time to get ready for….Christmas! I am sure that some of you took advantage of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to buy some Christmas presents, but for those of you who haven’t (like me) here is a couple of ideas for your fit girl friends ;). I […]

November 29, 2016

Binge Eating / Hyperphagie (En/Fr)

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This post was one of the first post I wrote for my blog, but I have never had the courage to post it, so today I decided that it was time to publish it. According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), binge eating disorder is “an eating disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of eating […]

November 15, 2016


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Protein is a type of molecule in food that is broken down into amino acids. There are two types of amino acids: essential amino acids that are not made by our body, and non-essential amino acids that can be made by our body. Proteins are essential for our body, and if weight-loss is your main […]

November 8, 2016