Lancôme Review: Monsieur Big Mascara, Cils Booster XL & Bi-Facial Eye Makeup Remover

Reviews / Revues / Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

I am a member of Influenster which means that I receive free products when I qualify for the box. This month I received the Monsieur Big Voxbox. I thought I was only going to received Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara, but I also got the Cils Booster XL, and the Bi-Facial makeup remover.

Monsieur Big Mascara 0.33 oz.
Price: $25

This mascara does not contain parabens, sulfates, and phtalates, but it contains a long list of ingredients. I guess that it what it takes to make a mascara, but I am not a huge fan of using several chemicals on me especially when I do not know how harmful they are for my health. My eye lashes are not super long, so I was not expecting this mascara to transform them, but I am pretty happy with the results because it makes my eyes lashes bigger. When I took a before/after picture the first time the difference was not that obvious, but when I tried again yesterday I could see the difference. Another thing I like is that I can add multiple coats without clumping it. It is too bad that it is not water-proof. I am also not used to wearing mascara, so when I rub my eyes because I forgot I have mascara on I end up with panda eyes. I would not repurchase this mascara as I am not wearing makeup everyday, but I would recommend it.

Cils Booster XL 0.19 oz.
Price: $25

I tried it with Monsieur Big mascara, and I was satisfied with the results. I tried to use the Cils Booster XL on one eye, and I could see the difference, but it is not as obvious on picture. I looked at the list of ingredients which is not that long, but there are some ingredients that I do not know about.

Bi-Facial Eye Makeup Remover 1.7 oz.
Price: $15

I used it to remove Monsieur Big mascara, and it removed all of it. I do not know how it works with a waterproof mascara. I had to use twice in a row as I was testing the mascara, and the Cils Booster XL, and after my eyes were burning which did not happen when I only use it once. It is not something that I would have bought either because I do not use makeup that much, and it does not fit my budget. I also prefer to use coconut oil which does the same job for cheaper. I am also a huge advocate of natural products, and not knowing if the ingredients in this makeup remover I would not use it very often.

I was super happy to receive this box, and try Lancôme products for free. I am pretty happy with the results of all of the products. This review is honest as I am not being paid to give a positive or negative review (I am not being paid at all by the way). I am not a big makeup fan, so there are not products I would personally buy, but I am sure those who consider buying them could use a honest review :).

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