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I have always been chubby, so I often heard that I needed to lose weight because I was too heavy for my age. Once I was old enough to control my diet I started watching what I was eating in order to lose weight. I did not really know what to do at that time, but I decided to only eat a bowl of cereal with a salad for dinner after seeing the commercial for the brand of cereal claiming we could lose weight by doing that. I had to skip dinner with my friends, and I was eating all by myself in my room instead of sharing a good meal with my family.

I went to the United States in 2010, so I started eating more junk food, partying every weekend, and eating out with my friends. I gained about 20lbs, so I decided to count calories and go for a 30-60 minutes run everyday since I heard about that it was the secret to lose weight. I started losing weight at first, but it stopped, and instead I lost my energy, my sex drive, and my good mood. I was only 23 years old.

I kept trying even though I could see that it was not working, but I thought I was not trying hard enough, or maybe the daily 1,200 calories I was eating were too much. Unfortunately it is only when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis that I had my “a-ah” moment because it made me realized that my lifestyle needed to change. I found the paleo diet while looking for alternatives to medicine to reduce my symptoms. I still was not losing weight, so I tried several diet that was aligned with the paleo diet, but I always ended up putting the weight back on. I thought I had healthy issues that could explain why I was not losing weight, and I was frustrated to not figure out what was wrong. I would read all the books, magazines, articles etc. that was mentioning the word “diet”.

I found SANEsolution by coincidence when I was invited to the masterclass. I was skeptical at first because of everything I tried in the past that did not work, but I thought I could give it a try. I am no longer buying every new diet books that comes out, I am no longer wasting my time ready tips on how to lose 10 lbs in 10 days in magazines, and I am saving money by not buying all those things that were supposed to help me lose weight. I am eating, and most importantly I am nourishing my body. I don’t have to starve, or run every day (which I hated by the way). I am looking better than I have even did, and I do that effortlessly.

I wish I could go back 4 years before, and tell myself that I needed to stop starving myself because I knew it was not working, but instead I should focus on eating whole foods, and learn to love myself. I would have saved time, money, my relationship, and my health.
SANE changed my life because I am not wasting my time, money, and energy looking for a way to lose weight. I also found the confidence to get my health coach certification, so I can help others change their lifestyle, and save their lives. I am grateful that I found SANE, that I got the help of the SANE Certified coaches, and that I was given the opportunity to change other people’s lives the way SANE changed mine.

A typical SANE day for me: I drink water as soon as I wake up, I drink a cup of coffee with stevia, and almond milk. I drink a protein shake after my workout on my training days, and I drink a smoothie with a source of protein when I get hungry. I eat as many non-starchy vegetables as I want, with protein and fat for lunch and dinner. I also enjoy SANE pancakes, and 85% dark chocolate whenever I crave it.

Age: 26
Family: Married
Occupation: nanny, dog walker, students, teaching French on the weekends, and SANE certified coach.
Where in the world can you find me? Houston, Tx
Year I went SANE: 2016
Current Height/Weight: 5’5 128lbs
Health before SANE: trying every diet, bingeing on food because I was starving myself, not happy with my body, frustrated for gaining weight every time even though I was not changing anything while on a diet.
Health after SANE: I can finally focus on my life without having to read another diet book. I am no longer bingeing on food because I am nourishing my body. I have a chronic disease, so there are some things that I need to modify in order to get where I need to be.
Favorite SANE food: cabbage chicken carbonara
Words of advice to someone starting their SANE journey: It is not a diet, but a lifestyle, so will take time before you get where you want to be, and I can assure you that you will be healthier and happier.
Hobby: reading health books, and watching Netflix.
SANE words to live by: Eat SANE, get healthy!



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