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A couple weeks ago, I saw an ad on Instagram about Wag! Walker that was saying that it was like Uber, but for your dog. It also mentioned that they were hiring, so I went on their website to see what it was all about. I saw that they were hiring in Houston, so I immediately applied.

What is it?

Wag! Walker is an app that permits you to hire on demand someone trustworthy for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding. Dog walkers, and dog sitters go through a screening process, and a background check to make sure they fit the job. As a dog owner, you are protected by insurance in case something happens.

How does it work?

As a dog owner, you download the app, and you can ask for a walker near you to come pick up your dog, walk him/her, and drop him/her back home. If you are not home, Wag! Walker will provide you with a lock box, so you can leave the keys for the dog walker. You can track you dog’s walk with the live GPS. You will also get a report card at the end of the walk where the dog walker will leave notes, and a picture of your dog.

Download Wag! Walking and use my promo code DEBORA8010 to get your first walk for free.

As a dog walker, it is an easy way to work whenever you want. If you get hired, you will get notifications on your phone whenever someone needs a dog walker, and you either accept or decline. They will give you the time, and the approximate location of the dog, so you can decide if you can make it or not. When you do accept it, you will be notify if the person chose you as the walker. When you walk the dog, you need to have the app handy, so you can let the owner know whenever the dog pees, and/or poop. The owner will also be able to see where you are going with the dog with the GPS tracking.

How does the hiring process work?

You will have to fill up the application which will ask your information, your experience with dogs, then it will give you a short quiz about dogs, and accessories. There is also a quiz after watching the video explaining how Wag! works to make sure you are ready to work. You also have to go through a background check before you are able to set up the app, and your profile. It took me four days before I was able to start working. Once you have everything set up, you choose whenever you want to work. If you get 40 walks before the end of your first 28 days, you get $50. You also get $25 everytime a new customer uses your promo code.


  • You work whenever you want.
  • You get paid to walk a dog, and being active.
  • You get to be with a dog.
  • You get to walk puppies.
  • You get extra money when a new customer uses your promo code.
  • You get extra money when you walk with the Wag! bandanna, and shirt.
  • You get to visit your own city.
  • It is great for students who are looking for a job.


  • You will have to pick up dog’s poop.
  • You will have to hurry to request a walk before someone else does.
  • You may not always get walks when you want.

Wag! is great for people who own a dog, and need someone to walk him/her whenever they cannot. It is great for people looking for an additional job, or for those who wants to work whenever they want. I have been working for Wag! for a week now, and I am really enjoying it which is why I am sharing it with you.

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