Build a Home Gym on a Budget

As a student, I do not really want to spend money on a gym membership every month. When I started the BBG in 2014, I was at Planet Fitness with my husband, but I did not really like going to the gym to do that. I found that going to the gym was a waste of time and gas when I could just stay home to workout. I also did not really feel confident enough to workout at a gym as I felt like everybody was watching me.

It is convenient to workout at home because you don’t have to leave the house, but you still need some equipment. I was saving money by avoiding the gym membership fees, but I had to look at how much I was going to spend on the equipment to get a home gym. Getting a yoga mat, and a jump rope is pretty cheap, but weights are what cost the most. It can be cheap if you only buy one pair, but if you want to make progress you will have to increase the weight, and buy more of them.

I found some cheap dumbbells at Walmart that go up to 40 lbs which was great at the beginning, but as I was progressing I needed heavier weights, so I bought weights that go up to 100 lbs. I was able to spend less than $100 for everything in about two years. It is a pretty cheap investment when you think about the amount of money you spend for a gym membership.

You might think that we need room to get a home gym, but trust me when I say that you don’t. I live in a studio with my husband, and I can fit everything in it. So here are the things that I got:

Dumbbell I bought two of these.


Yoga Mat

Jump Rope

For some of the exercises that are in the BBG, we need a bench. I did not buy a bench, but what I have done is that I kept the boxes in which the weights and dumbbells were, and I filled them up with magazines. I can step on it without any problem.

I hope that this will help you to build your home gym if you are on a budget or not, because who does not like saving money anyway?!



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