The Bikini Body Guide

It has been over a year and a half that I am doing the Bikini Body Guide aka BBG. It is a fitness guide that was made by Kayla Itsines, and Tobi, her boyfriend. There are two fitness guides in pdf with 4-weeks of pre-training, and twelve weeks of training in the first one, and twelve weeks of training in the second one, a nutrition guide, and a recipe guide available on her website. She has also an app called Sweat with Kayla that is available on the Apple store, and the Google store. 

What is the BBG about? It is 28 minutes of strength training divided into two circuits of 7-minutes that are repeated twice. There are 4 exercises in each circuit. It has to be done three times a week: legs, arms, and abs. There is also a LISS (low intensity steady state) session to do twice to three times a week, and a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to do once or twice a week. 

App or pdf guides? I have started the BBG with the pdf guides. I was using the Runkeeper app as a timer when I was doing my LISS, and HIIT workout which was also useful to see how fast I was walking or running. The app came out, and I had a free trial, so I used the app. I am going to be honest I am not going to the gym because it saves me money, and time, so having an app that cost $20/month is too much for me. I think that it is great for somebody who has not the guides yet, and needs the nutrition guide because let’s be honest buying all of them can be quiet expensive, and it is more convenient to have everything in once place. I love the app, and I will totally use it all the time if you would only have to pay once rather than paying it every month. Even if you do not have thepdf  guides, and you get the app you will end up paying more, and if you cancel your account you will not have the guides anymore. 

Does it even work? YES! I think that Kayla’s Instagram account full of transformation pictures speaks for itself. I have not always been perfect when it comes to my diet, and I am actually trying to heal my body, so I am not seeing results as fast as some girls do, but it does work! Of course, you cannot expect to results just by working out you will have to eat healthy too. I can tell you that if you eat healthy, and follow her guides you will see results. I have had faster results with her guides than I had with hours of cardio, and using other fitness programs. I am building muscles, and I can see my abs. I also have more energy after my workout than I used to when I was doing cardio. 

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