Review of Against The Grain Gourmet

If you are on the paleo or gluten-free diet you might know how hard it is to find a legit recipe for breads, and pizza, and it is even harder to find something good at the store that does not taste like cardboard. It is even harder when you are on the paleo diet because most of them have rice, corn, sugar, and other articial ingredients which makes those products unhealthy for you. I have found THE best products you could even dream of at my local Whole Foods, and I can tell ya it is worth the price (yes it is pretty expensive). I apologize in advance for those you are intolerant to dairy because their products contain dairy.

Against The Grain Gourmet have several products that are gluten-free (not paleo as they contain dairy). They have baguettes (my favorite), pizza, bagels, and rolls. I tried their bagels, baguettes, and pizza.

Baguettes: they are a few ingredients in them: tapioca, milk, and cheese. They are kind of expensive about $8 for two baguettes, but they are worth the price. I have tried several baguette recipes because as a French it was hard for me to give up on baguette, so I wanted to find a recipe that would permit me to keep eating them while staying healthy. Unfortunately most of the recipes I tried did not work because you often need to get the same brand as the creator of the recipe used or it won’t work, and I did not have them in hand, so the recipes were not a success. Sometimes it seemed to go pretty well until I cooked the baguette, and realized that the inside of it would never cook thoroughly. When I do succeed the taste of the baguette is disappointing, so when I want a tasty baguette without ruining my health I go buy Against The Grain Gourmet baguette, and it always satisfies my craving for baguettes.

French sandwich: Against The Grain Gourmet baguette with a slice or two of ham, a slice of emmental or jarlsberg cheese, some cornichons, and lettuce.


Pizza: The dough tastes pretty much like the baguettes, and it is sooo good! My husband, who is not eating gluten-free, told me that I should always buy those because it was THAT good! There is no meat on them so you are free to add whatever you feel like. I added tons of bacon (for my husband), and it was honestly the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. The dough is not dry, and hard like other gluten-free pizza.

Bagels: they taste pretty much like the baguette, but in a shape of a bagel.

Against The Grain Gourmet also have a cookbook, Against the Grain: Extraordinary Gluten-Free Recipes Made from Real, All-Natural Ingredients, that I bought. Unfortunately most of them contain light buckwheat flour, so if you are trying to avoid grains this might not for you. If you are interested, you might need to order light buckwheat flour online, and I order mine on I bought this book for the baguette recipe, but it has sourdough in it, and I have never succeed at making sourdough bread where I live because I think it is too humid. I successfully made sourdough in France, but for some reason the baguette did not turn out very well I haven’t tried again though. I hope you will have more success than me if you try. If you don’t want to go through the trouble you can head to the store, grab any of Against The Grain Gourmet product, and enjoy!

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