My Essentials to Travel

It can be hard to travel when you have food restrictions such as gluten-free, or when you simply want to travel while staying on your diet. I avoid eating gluten, so when I travel I want to make sure that I have everything I need to stay away from gluten. When I travel I usually go visit my family in France, or I go on vacation with my host family. When I travel in France I usually bring ingredients that I cannot find over there such as : tapioca flour, potato starch, potato flour, grass-fed beef gelatin, and some Against The Grain Gourmet baguette that I pack in a isothermal bag. When I travel with my host family I usually bring enough protein sources to last the trip because I do not choose where I eat when I am with them. It is harder for me to find a good protein source that I can take with me on-the-go rather than finding vegetables. 

Here are the things I bring when I travel with my host family:

Protein: Epic bars, jerky sticks, homemade jerkys (recipe), protein bars, canned sardines, canned tuna, and protein powder. I often go to Walmart with them to buy greek yogurt, applegate sausages, and eggs which are things I cannot take with me in the airplane.

Vegetables (to buy once you arrive): baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and radishes.

Fat: I usually get my fat from the beef jerkys, the beef bars, or canned sardines, but I can buy avocadoes if I need once I get over there. If I want nuts then I will bring them from home because my host family only shops at Walmart, and the nuts they sell are made with vegetables oils unless you buy them in the baking aisle. I prefer buying mixed nuts which they do not sell in the baking aisle. It is also pretty expensive when you compare them to nuts you can buy in bulk.

Others: seaweed snacks, and wheatgrass powder. I also bring my own dressing. I put it in a little bottle that I put in a ziplock bag just in case, so it won’t spill all over my clothes if something happens.

Of course, you will need to be organized and prepared ahead of time. I started my shopping a month before my trip because I found Epic bar on sale, so I bought a couple each week until the sale was over. I also found seaweed snacks on sale, so I bought  them ahead of time. I made jerkys a couple weeks before leaving (recipe). I was also lucky because one ofnthe stores close to my house was closing, so I was able to buy beef sticks, and canned tuna for cheap the week before leaving.

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