Protein Powders and Bars

Protein Powders 

I have seen many people wondering about protein bars, and powders. Which one to buy? What to look for? Why should we take them? Am I going to get bulky? Well, don’t worry! I am going to help you out.

My first advice is to read the labels. I have seen so many protein powders or bars that claim to be “all natural” but they are full of junk. I have seen so many of them with a list of ingredients so long, and often with ingredients that I could not even pronounce. That kind of products is not even worth your money. Don’t buy protein powders that are less healthy than coke or protein bars that have more sugar than candy bars. Watch out for ingredients such as: sucralose, maltodextrin, soy etc.. Then you have to look at the protein, and sugar content. Often you will realize that you have more sugar than protein. When you look at the sugar content it should be a single digit number, so no more than 9g of sugar per serving. Then when you look at the protein content it should be a ratio of check it.

When it comes to protein bars you also have to check the labels. A bar that has 12g of sugar, and 11g of protein is not what I would call a protein bar. I have tried some protein powders, and bars than I have been pretty happy with, and that are healthier than some other brands.

The best protein powders I have tried:

Julian Bakery 100% Grass-fed Protein Powder (buy it here)

Ingredients: grass-fed year round whey protein, (organic soluble fiber, luo han guo (monk fruit), medium chain triglycerides (coconut), guar gum.
Protein: 15g. Sugar: 2g.

As you can see the ingredients list is short, I know all the ingredients, and the protein sugar ratio is pretty good. They also come in different flavors: blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter (my favorite!)

Reserveage Grass-fed Protein (buy it here)

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate, sunflower lecithin.
Protein: 23g. Sugar: 2g.
Simple ingredients, and a good nutritional value. They have unflavored, vanilla, or chocolate.

Jarrow Formulas Grass-fed Whey Protein (buy it here)

Ingredients: grass-fed whey protein concentrate, and non-GMO sunflower lecithin.
Protein: 18g. Sugar: 2g
Once again, simple list of ingredients, and good nutritional value.


Only Protein Powder (buy it here)


Ingredients: grass-fed whey protein (concentrate, isolate), protease, lactase, inulin, glucomannan, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, monk fruit, magnesium sterate, silican dioxide.

Protein: 18g. Sugar: 2g.



I have tried all these protein powders and I have been pretty happy with them. The taste is good, the list of ingredients is short, and the protein and sugar ratio is good too. They are not cheap but if you make some research online you might find some good prices. I have seen some good deals at Sprouts Farmers Market, for example,  they were selling Jarrow Formulas whey protein for $19 with a $2 off coupon so it was $17 instead of $25 but you can find the same price online too. When it comes to Julian Bakery protein powder you will save about $25 if you buy the 4-pack variety.

Protein Bars

Marigold Protein Bars (buy it here)

Protein: 20g. Sugar: 2g

I found them at my local HEB, but you can find them on Amazon too (and they are slightly cheaper). They are super good! I recommend you to try the salted caramel one.

Quest Bars

Choose the double chocolate chunk (buy it here), and coconut cashew (buy it here) (because they do not contain any sucralose.)

Protein: 20g. Sugar: 2g. Sugar Alcohol: 6g

Epic Bar (buy it here)

Depending on the variety you choose the protein and sugar content will differ. I really like those bars, and my favorite is the turkey one. If you like jerkys you won’t be disapointed.
Protein: 10-15g. Sugar: 0-8g.

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars (buy it here)

Ingredients: almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen, isomaltooligosaccharide (cassave root), water, coconut flakes, honey, natural flavors, coconut oil, bitter chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, himalayan pink salt, monk fruit extract, and tocopherols.

Protein: 15g. Sugar:3g.

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