I have not always been as passionate about health, and nutrition as I am right now. I have always had an interest in losing weight, but reading books, and articles about health and nutrition was not something I used to do until I decided to take my health into my own hands. Growing up I was always eating healthy homemade meals. My parents were not buying sodas, and junk food because they knew it was not good for us. Unfortunately it did not prevent me from being a chubby girl. I was being made fun of because of my weight, and this is how my obsession about getting thinner started. I did not start dieting until I was in high school, and I was able to make my own food choices. I started eating Special K cereals for breakfast, and dinner because it was saying on the box that could lose up to 10lbs doing that. I did lose weight, but it did not last long, and I quickly put the weight back on. Fast forward 4 years later, when I arrived in the United States, eating healthy became a little harder. I went from eating homemade meal to drinking every weekend, eating chips as snacks, and eating quesadillas every single night for dinner. Not healthy! I was also not working out anymore which made me gained about 15lbs in one year.

I was going on Pinterest to find some tips to lose weight, and this is how I started counting calories. I became pretty obsessed with it. I was logging my food in the morning to make sure that I would not go over my daily calorie intake of 900-1,200 calories, and I was exercising to burn some extra calories. If I was eating something else because I was starving then I would change my dinner to make is less caloric, or I would work out a little more after work to compensate. I lost 7lbs doing this, but I was always hungry, and tired. I eventually stopped losing weight. I was reading everywhere that losing weight was only about calories in, and calories out, so I started working out twice a day. For over a year I was stuck at the same weight. Regardless of how little I was eating, and how much I was working out nothing changed! Inwas so restrictive during the week that in the weekends I was overeating to compensate.

In 2014, my health was not good at all. For several weeks I was not able to eat because of stomach cramps and other pretty bad symptoms. It took several days for the doctor to find out that I had ulcerative colitis. The doctors told me that all I could do was taking medication because my diet had nothing to do with it. After some research about my disease I eventually found out that I could manage my symptoms with diet. I found out about the paleo diet, and I did an elimination diet to see if I had any food intolerance. With the help of steroids, chemotherapy, and my diet I was able to stop taking my medication. I am now managing my symptoms with my diet, and even though I cannot say that I am cured I feel like I am. This is how I started being passionate about health and nutrition, and ways I could become even healthier. The fact that I did not have any symptoms did not mean that I was healthy. Guts are playing an important role in our body, and because I have an inflammatory bowel disease I had to make sure that I was putting the right fuel in my body. 

Since I got diagnosed in 2014, I have learned a lot about nutrition, and health, so I wanted to share my tips, and knowledge with you. I have been trying to lose fat (I am trying not to use the term weight-loss anymore) for a long time now, and I have been going backward because of the wrong information that was given to me. I have seen so many woman trying to count calories, exercising excessively, and despite their efforts they are still at the same point, so I want to help those who did the same as I did move forward by getting the right information which is why I made this blog.

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