Double Chocolate Cookies/ Cookie Doublement Chocolat (En/Fr).


Hello everyone! Christmas is coming, and I am leaving for France on Thursday. I would be super excited if I had more time to do my Christmas shopping and wasn’t stressed by my final exams. I also need to do my final observation for my internship because I did pretty bad. I am not very […]

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Broccoli Soup / Soupe de Brocoli (En/Fr)

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I am back from the dead, and I hope it will stay this way. I have been SO busy with school, homework, internship, my exams, and work that I did not have a life anymore. I was spending most of my time running from one place to another while trying to study in between. I […]

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Is Eating Gluten Bad for Everyone? Est-ce Que Manger du Gluten est Mauvais pour Tout le Monde? (En/Fr)

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We all heard about the gluten-free diet, and most people think that it is only a diet for those who have celiac disease otherwise it is just another fad diet. Is it really the case though? Have you ever wonder why people try to stay away from gluten if they don’t have celiac? I know […]

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